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Report Writing

Report Writing

Students are frequently uncertain about what is meant when an academic assignment specifies a "report" rather than an essay. In the same way, many people find it difficult to produce a "report" when asked to do so by senior management. There is frequently ambiguity regarding the writing style, the content, the language, the length of the document, and other aspects.

The task of producing a report is a little more difficult than writing an ordinary essay. Before you begin the process, it is essential to understand the foundations of report writing. A specific set of information and abilities are needed to write a report, just like any other academic work. When you are given a report to write, you must determine what the requirements seem to demand of you.

An organised definition or study of an issue is what makes up a report. To make it easier for the reader to understand, write in a clear and succinct manner. Simply described, a report is a summary of the main concepts and points of the text that was delivered. Reports include more than just the fundamental concepts; they also provide an in-depth analysis of those concepts. This implies that there should be an interpretation of these concepts in each report you produce.

Essentially, a report is a succinct, straightforward document that is created with a clear objective and purpose in mind. In general, it gives a situation or problem a description, analyses it, and frequently makes recommendations for what to do next. It must be organised and brief because it is a factual paper.

The requirements for the precise form and content of a report will differ between organisations and departments, in the study between courses, from tutor to tutor, as well as between subjects, therefore it is worth asking whether there are any specific recommendations before you start.

Reports may include some or all the elements listed below:

  • A description of a scenario or a series of events;
  • Any interpretation of the relevance of these events or circumstances, whether it be based purely on your analysis or informed by the opinions of others, must, of course, be carefully referenced (for more information, see our page on Academic Referencing);
  • A review of the data or the findings of your investigation;
  • Discussion of potential results of future actions;
  • Your suggestions for a path of action; and Conclusions.

A Few Writing Style Tips

Being totally transparent should be your aim while writing a report. Above all, it must be easy to read and understand, especially for people with little background knowledge of the subject. As a result, try to write in plain English that is straightforward and succinct, favor shorter words over larger ones, and utilising short phrases.

Additionally, avoid using jargon. If using specialised language is necessary, be sure to define each word as you use it. If you realise that you've had to explain more than five words, you're probably employing too much jargon and should replace some of it with clearer language.

Think about your audience. Check to see if you should address the report to "you" or perhaps in the third person to a job title: "The Chief Executive may wish to consider...," or "The minister is recommended to agree...", for example, if the report is intended for a specific reader.

10 easy methods to improve your report writing

1. Find a mentor or a good role model.

If you want to be a brilliant writer, you need to surround yourself with other great writers. Learn from the finest by regularly reading a range of writing in books, newspapers, trade magazines, and online articles. The reports from your coworkers could also provide you with ideas, inspire you, and provide you with examples of their previous work.

2. Choose what you will do next.

Write carefully; don't jump in too quickly. Consider your intended message and your motivation (your aim, purpose and objectives in writing). Describe the kind of reader you are (e.g. novice or expert, what they need to get from your report, whether colleagues or outside your company, etc.). Using this information can help you sell your essay more effectively.

3. Design the report's format.

Choose the headline and/or key points to utilise. Use internal templates (if available), mind-mapping software, or document outline tools to plan the flow and structure.

4. Collect and evaluate all data from sources.

Use only data, statistics, and background information from reliable, well-respected sources to maintain credibility. Any data you use should be independently verified by a second source.

5. Respect for intellectual property rights

In order to establish credibility and encourage reader follow-up, respect other people's intellectual property (IP) and mention sources and references. When citing from a source, be wary of any prohibitions against republication.

6. Write a report's summary

It is ridiculous to anticipate producing a masterpiece right away. Before being accepted, the majority of writing is edited several times. It's a great opportunity to view anything you might have otherwise missed.

7. Use literary techniques to engage readers.

Use real-world examples, stories, and storytelling to give your report life. A picture really does speak a thousand words. Sometimes using visuals to convey your point can make it stronger and clearer. Therefore, incorporate data tables, charts, and illustrations to increase interest and comprehension.

8. Review and assess your choice.

After completing a draught, assess and review your work. How long or short is it exactly? Are any components lacking? Can anything be removed? Can you make it easier to read? Enlist your peers' help to offer further insight and highlight improvements.

9. Last revision

Watch every detail. Pay great attention to the following: professionalism, logic, appearance, format, space, spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Spending more time here will stop negative comments about your writing from being made in the future.

10. Peer approval and review

A coworker's proofreading is beneficial once your report is finished. Management should now approve distribution if they are pleased.

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