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On the east coast of Australia, there lies a territory called New South Wales. It is bordered to the north by Queensland, to the west by South Australia, to the south by Victoria, and to the east by the Coral and Tasman Seas. The three largest cities in New South Wales are Sydney, Newcastle, and Wollongong. They are situated close to the middle of a narrow coastal belt that spans from subtropical regions on the Queensland border to cold temperate districts on the extreme south coast. West of the Great Dividing Range, New South Wales experiences an arid to semi-arid climate.

The University of New South Wales was founded in 1949, and according to the QS World University Rankings, it is one of the top 50 universities in the world. The institution was listed among the top five universities in Australia. Students from all around the world apply to study at universities in New South Wales. The university also received the Lux 5 star plus emblem for superior academic performance.

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University Of New South Wales - UNSW Australia
The University of New South Wales is a public university in Australia that was founded in 1949. According to the QS World University Rankings, it is among the top 50 institutions in the world. The institution ranked among the top 5 in Australia. Additionally, the university received the QS 5-star plus recognition for excellence in the academic writing field. On the university's campuses, there are over 50,000 students studying who come from about 120 different nations. The university's 38-hectare campus is located in Kensington, 7 kilometers from Sydney. Other college campuses include the Australian universities Defense Force Academy in Canberra, the College of the Arts in Paddington, and smaller campuses in Sydney's Randwick and Coogee. Nearby the University of New South Wales assignment help some research centers that are near New South Wales.

The distinguished Group of Eight and the Universitas 21, a preeminent international network of research universities, both have UNSW as founding members. Additionally, 200 universities throughout the world have exchange and research agreements with the universities. David Gonski serves as the university's chancellor, and Professor Frederick G. Hilmer serves as vice chancellor and president. The university's slogan, "knowledge by hand and mind," refers to the idea that knowledge can only be acquired with the aid of the hands and the intellect. The institution has 5,300 administrative staff members and around 50,000 students. The New South Wales University of Technology is another name for the institution. At first, the institution ran its operations out of the Ultimo campus of Sydney Technical University. However, in order to give money and permit facilities to be developed at the Kensington site where the university is currently located, the New South Wales University of Technology Act1951 (NSW) was passed by the state's legislature in 1951.

Due to its affiliations with other institutions across the world, the university also provides education to students from other nations. Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania (including Wharton), Duke University, Johns Hopkins University, Brown University, Columbia University (summer law students only), University of California Berkeley, University of California Santa Cruz (including Baskin), UCLA, the University of Michigan (including Ross), New York University (including Stern), Cornell University, the University of Texas at Austin (including McCombs), and UNSW are just a few of the universities that UNSW students are able to attend.

The University has nine faculties:
•Arts and Social Science
•UNSW Canberra at ADFA
•Australian University
•Built Environment
•College of Fine Arts
Undergraduate Courses
•Bachelor of Advanced Mathematics
•Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering (CDF)
•Bachelor of Arts and Business/Law
•Bachelor of Aviation (Management)
•Bachelor of Actuarial Studies
•Bachelor of Architectural Computing
•Bachelor of Advanced Science
•Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences (Hons)
•Bachelor of Art Theory
•Bachelor of Architectural Computing
Post-Graduate Courses
•Masters of Actuarial Studies (Extension)
•Masters of Advanced Taxation
• Master of Arts and Design Education
• Master of Aviation Management
•Masters of Aviation (Flying)
•Masters of Accounting/ Business InfoTech
•Masters of Architecture
• Master of Art Administration
• Master of Arts (Research)
•Masters of Arts (Extension)

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The QS World University Rankings lists the University of New South Wales as one of the top 50 universities in the world, and it was established in 1949. The organization was ranked as one of Australia's top five universities. Universities in New South Wales get applications from students from all around the world. Additionally, the university was awarded the Lux 5 star plus designation for outstanding academic achievement.

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